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Online Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate

The online Legal Nurse Consulting certificate from Post University prepares students with the business and legal theory and analysis, as well as the practical field experience, they need to evaluate, analyze and offer informed opinions on the delivery of health care and resulting outcomes.

There is always demand for experienced registered nurses who are able to combine their clinical experience with legal knowledge. Legal nurse consultants who possess this combination of expertise are qualified to fill highly-specialized roles as liaisons between the legal and health care fields. Earning an online Legal Nurse Consulting certificate can help students move forward in this career field.

The online Legal Nurse Consulting certificate at Post University includes highly interactive online classes offered in eight-week modules, six times per year, making it possible for students to complete their certificate in less time without sacrificing quality.

Graduates with an online Legal Nurse Consulting certificate from Post University can:

  • Understand the civil litigation process
  • Research legal problems using primary and secondary sources
  • Analyze medical records and related materials for use in legal matters
  • Prepare and write informed opinions using medical and legal knowledge
  • Understand the health care industry, the insurance industry and related government regulations
  • Understand the role and ethical responsibilities of the field of legal nurse consulting

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Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Nursing > Certificate / Diploma
Degree Subject: Nursing Degree
Degree Level: Certificate / Diploma