Post University

Associate's of Science in Accounting

Post University’s associate’s degree of science in Accounting will provide you a positive educational experience that will train you for a number of entry-level business positions. The faculty at Post University possess both theoretical and applied experience in business, and are encouraged to apply both in their instruction. Accordingly, they can better help each student become a successful thinker and practitioner. Some of the courses offered to students earning their associate’s degree in Accounting include ledger applications; cost accounting; managerial accounting; income taxation; and fraud prevention and examination. With an online degree from Post University, you can login and complete assignments whenever it is convenient for you, allowing you to understand things like the intricacies of financing, management,  and tax laws on your own time and often your own pace. Your associate’s degree in Accounting with Post University can be used to get an entry-level business job directly after graduation, or you can transfer your credits towards a bachelor’s degree. 

Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Associates
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Associate's