Northeastern University

Master of Business Administration - Operations and Supply Chain Management

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree from Northeastern University is considered to be one of the more advanced degrees in the field. Professionals can now complete the degree online, while still working full- or part-time, making this a more practical option than a traditional on-campus program. 

Within this online MBA program in Supply Chain and Operations, students will learn to evaluate and assess current supply chains and troubleshoot potential or actual problems. The courses will also focus on designing and implementing supply chains in new businesses, as well as using or upgrading technology to assist in inventory and supply chain management in companies of any size across the globe. Inventory control, purchasing, contracts, budgeting and strategic planning will be key components of this course of study. Inquire now to learn about your financial aid options, more program information, and how this school will meet your needs...

Degree Category: Business > Supply Chain & Operations Management > Masters
Degree Subject: Supply Chain & Operations Management Degree
Degree Level: Master's