Northeastern University

Master of Business Administration - Innovation Entrepreneurship

With a Master of Business Administration, or MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University, students can pursue one of the highest level of business degrees. This online MBA program is flexible enough to allow students to focus on one specific area of business, including managing innovation and technology. Students will learn advanced strategies for starting new and innovative businesses as well as how to apply general business management practices to a self-owned and managed business.

This degree program from Northeastern University includes classes on leadership and management, sales and marketing, and also concentration in the use of technology in business. Students will use real world business scenarios of successful entrepreneurs as well as business models in use in small and large companies. Inquire now to see how this fully online program may fit into your life, and benefit your future.

Degree Category: Business > Entrepreneurship > Masters
Degree Subject: Entrepreneurship Degree
Degree Level: Master's