Northeastern University

Located in Boston, Northeastern University opened in 1898 as a private research university. Throughout history Northeastern University has prided itself on staying on the cutting edge of teaching and learning, and has developed many programs to assist professionals and those interested in obtaining a degree, completing courses of interest, and developing skills in a practical and effective way. Northeastern continues this by offering a wide range of online degree and non-degree programs and courses for students across the United States. Students may take courses in a full or part-time format to match their time requirements and schedules, and many students can complete online degrees in an accelerated format.

Some of the programs of study offered at the master's level for online students include various education degrees, business management, human services, professional writing, healthcare and liberal arts degrees. In addition, a doctoral level course in physical therapy is offered completely online. For professionals looking for specific certifications, graduate certificates in organizational learning, nonprofit management, healthcare informatics, educational leadership, accounting as well as leadership are just a few of the certifications offered. Undergraduate programs in the same areas are also offered online, with associate's, bachelor's and undergraduate certificates. Online professional development certificates in paralegal studies, purchasing and supply management, as well as project management are all ideal for online students to complete from the comfort of their own computer. Currently there are 20 graduate programs, 30 undergraduate programs, and over 300 individual courses offered through the online learning format.

Northeastern University uses an online interactive program known as the SPCS Blackboard, which is basically a virtual classroom environment. Each student has a unique, private login to the program and can post messages, contact other students in the class, or talk directly to faculty and staff. This private online system also allows instructors to talk to students as a group or in a one-on-one scenario. Faculty is well-trained in using online communication and also has extensive experience in assisting students through online technology.

Fully accredited through New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Northeastern University provides the same high level of staff, instructors and education to both in-person students and those that complete individual courses or full degrees online. All students graduating or completing a professional development course receive the same certification or degree, no matter the format they choose. This allows students from across the United States to attend virtual classes through Northeastern University and receive a well-respected certification or degree, regardless of their physical location.