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Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration - Accounting

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting from National American University hopes to give its students the theoretical as well as the applied knowledge they will need to succeed in various fields of business. The program stresses the acquirement of skills like how to develop an in-depth understanding of the financial complexities of a global business environment; how to hone both leadership and teamwork skills; how to pinpoint ethical or legal issues in financial management organizations and deal with them swiftly and fairly; and how to communicate financials effectively in a fast-paced environment. After students earn their bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from National American University, they will possess the competencies necessary to begin a career in public and private accountancy or, alternatively, to extend their academic careers and earn their master’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Finance. 

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Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's