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Marist College

Located on a landscaped 150 acres along the Hudson River in New York, Marist College campus has been a landmark in the Poughkeepsie area since 1929. Originally founded by St. Marcellin Champagnat, a Marist Brother, the college has continued to offer more than just a basic education but rather to focus on encouraging community service and helping students develop a strong sense of higher human values through education. Besides just the on-campus program, Marist College also offers many different online degrees and courses, making it possible for anyone across the United States to obtain their degree, even if they want to continue to work full or part-time during the process.

As a private, not for profit college Marist is fully accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Faculty members are selected for their expertise in their respective professional field and hold either a master or a doctoral level degree within their professional area. Online and in-person classes are often taught by the same instructor, ensuring that students completing an online degree will have the same level of educational support that traditional students have. Throughout the course students will be able to interact with instructors using various online services such as emails, forums and discussion boards as well as by direct phone contact. Instructors provide feedback to students and answer questions using the same communication tools. This provides fast, accurate information and an opportunity for students to interact directly with staff, just like in a traditional class setting.

Most eCourses will have a 10 week accelerated format, meaning that students will focus on one area of study over the 10-week period, then are prepared to move on to the next subject area. eCourses can be used to complete either the electives or the required courses for a degree or may be taken as stand alone courses for professional development.

Marist College offers several different online degree programs at the master level including communication, educational psychology, business administration, public administration, and technology management and information systems. Student staking a master-level course or one of the many undergraduate courses will have access to the eLibrary, which provides all required reading and optional reading requirements online.

Students at either the online campus as well as the physical campus are eligible for grants and loans depending on their financial situation. The university will provide financial advisors to help students obtain funding through federal loans, grants or low-interest private student loans.