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Online Master's in Leadership

Create a successful professional life that leaves nothing to chance. A online master's degree in Leadership can increase your potential to manage a team of business professionals. Obtaining a master’s degree in Leadership provides the industry-specific knowledge you need, and the detailed information it takes to become a strong leader in today's competitive workforce. Understand key facets of business when you earn your master's degree in Organizational Leadership, and enjoy coursework that is supported by Christian values. Lubbock Christian University makes it easy to obtain your Master’s degree online, so there’s nothing holding you back from working towards your master's in Leadership. Let your degree, knowledge, and business expertise do the talking when you graduate with an online master's degree in Leadership from Lubbock Christian University. Inquire now!

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Degree Category: Business > Organizational Leadership > Masters
Degree Subject: Organizational Leadership Degree
Degree Level: Master's