Lubbock Christian University

Master of Science in Human Services

If you have an natural gift for helping others, the online Master's degree in Human Services from Lubbock Christian University can train you to help guide children and families through difficult periods. This program will develop your skills so you can step into roles that assist the well being of individuals. Coursework covers a wide range of topics, including human sexuality, interpersonal communication, parental education, and family resource management.

While studying at Lubbock Christian University, take advantage of their distance learning programs that enable you to obtain your master's degree in Human Services fully online. That way, you don’t need to give up your professional career in order to work towards a higher-level position. Obtaining your Master of Science in Human Services tells employers you are dedicated and have the drive to earn one of the highest level degrees available. Let your education speak for itself and inquire about earning your Master's of Science in Human Services today!

Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Human Services > Masters
Degree Subject: Human Services Degree
Degree Level: Master's