Lubbock Christian University

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Gain critical thinking skills and applied knowledge with a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership online from Lubbock Christian University. A bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership at Lubbock Christian is a well-rounded degree that can prepare you for a variety of business careers. The curriculum uses examples from the business world and the public arena to build a framework for dynamic leadership - one founded on Christian values and beliefs.

Understand the theoretical and applied skills needed to succeed, and work in an environment that is flexible and nurturing. An Organizational Leadership degree can be learned at a pace that feels good for you, and even though you’re learning from the comfort of your own home you’ll still be given the attention you require to succeed. Learn more about this degree program and learn how to be an effective and ethical leader in the 21st century.

Degree Category: Business > Organizational Leadership > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Organizational Leadership Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's