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Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration - Forensic Science Administration

A master's degree is becoming essential for professionals interested in taking on management roles in the justice field. When you earn a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (Forensic Science Administration) from Loyola University, it’s all about learning the specific details in order to become a leading force in this arena. The use of forensic science in criminal justice and corporate investigations has increased due to the development of new forensic techniques in criminology. The master's level Forensic Science Administration (FSA) specialization at Loyola University New Orleans dives students into coursework in management skills required to lead forensic labs and crime scene investigation teams.

Distance learning opportunities at Loyola University make it convenient for non-traditional students to pursue their master's degrees. Those with occupational and familial commitments don’t have to sacrifice while earning their master's degree in Forensics. Be the charge that leads a criminal investigations team. Inquire about this esteemed program at Loyola today!

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Forensics > Masters
Degree Subject: Forensics Degree
Degree Level: Master's