Liberty University Online

Based in Virginia, Liberty University is the largest private, non-profit university in the nation, and the largest Christian university in the world. Liberty offers both traditional campus classes and online learning platforms at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and even doctoral levels. Established in 1971, Liberty University is a Baptist, evangelical institution that provides education to students internationally. Students are provided with a strong educational background, hands-on experience, and spiritual support throughout their university experience. The emphasis at Liberty University is on the individual learner, while preparing individuals for a life of learning and success.

Liberty University is accredited, and offers on campus support through academic and residential facilities. The staff and faculty provide a solid educational theory background as well as bridge the information to practical applications with a Christian perspective. Small class sizes in both on-campus and online courses ensure that students have access to faculty for questions, comments, and have all the benefits of attending an in-person class, all from the comfort of your own personal space. Since Liberty University understands that many students of online classes are busy working professionals and parents, there is a fair amount of flexibility in completing degree programs either through accelerated or extended programs.

When taking online classes at Liberty University, some degree programs are offered completely online while others are offered in a blended format. Blended classes meet on weekends and in the evenings to minimize any schedule conflicts for working professionals. There are numerous departments that all offer advanced level degrees as well as undergraduate degrees through distance learning programs.

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