LA College International

Bachelor's of Science in Business Management - Accounting

A bachelor’s of science degree in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting from LA College International hopes to prepare its students for a career in finance. The program helps students acquire skills like how to make financial and cash flow statements; how to create electronic financial documents; how, where, and what tools you will need to record financial transactions; how to conduct financial analysis projects, and more. Courses you will take for the degree at LA College International include tax accounting, cost accounting, and computerized accounting, along with core courses in areas like mathematics, business law, marketing, communication, and English composition. The program intends to help its students develop critical skills in banking practices, record keeping, accounts payable, and payroll, which translate well for future careers in finance, business, and accounting. The LA College International bachelor’s degree in Business Management concentrating in Accounting is only available online, meaning students can benefit from a flexible learning atmosphere, and can learn on a schedule fit to their individual needs.

Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's