Kent State University

Kent State University (KSU), based in Ohio, is a public research university. The school has been offering on-campus leaning opportunities for students since 1910. For more than 100 years, Kent State has offered workforce training and intellectual development across its eight campuses and online programs. Today, Kent State has more than 40,000 students.

Kent State University's distance learning allows students to take full advantage of taking courses completely online, while benefitting from the well-known "name" of Kent State. Choose from three online options: video conferencing via your personal computer, room-based conferencing, or completely web-based courses. Depending on your personal schedule and family commitments you can choose the method of earning your degree that’s right for you.

Kent State offers a line of online degrees in computer technology, journalism education, library sciences, music education, and nursing. Certificate programs are also available in community college leadership, health informatics, and online teaching. There is no better time then now to make the decision if Kent State University is for you. Learn more about the programs at Kent State University by selecting the "Request Info" button now!