Keiser University

Paralegal Studies, AA (Online)

The Paralegal Studies, AA (Online) degree program from Keiser University provides students with the strong foundation necessary to work with and support lawyers by gathering evidence, managing cases, legal research, preparing wills, drafting motions and documents, and formalizing statements and litigation procedures.  Students with a Paralegal degree help in dispute resolution processes such as trial assistance, preparation of law office investigations, corporate matters, contracts, trusts, wills, and real estate documents.  To gain experience, students examine criteria in devising court documents and legal issues in this practical, theoretical program.

Graduate students with a Paralegal Studies, AA (Online) degree have the technical skills, analytical skills and sound understanding necessary to work as paralegals for attorneys in both criminal and civil practices in corporations, businesses and firms. The demand for graduates in paralegal studies continues to grow. Inquire now and obtain the information you need to make a decision about attending Keiser University!

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Paralegal > Associates
Degree Subject: Paralegal Degree
Degree Level: Associate's