Keiser University

Homeland Security, AA (Online)

Keiser University designed the Homeland Security, AA (Online) degree program for students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement and homeland security.  Students enrolled in this program, study and examine all the U.S. Department of Homeland Security agencies, along with the matters that they cover and their authority.  The homeland security program also covers recovery actions, handling and recognizing dangerous materials, responses to terrorist threats and legal issues.

Students in the Homeland Security degree program will acquire excellent decision making and critical thinking skills and gain a strong understanding of legal practices in American.  Some of the courses in the Homeland Security degree program include Security Measures, Emergency Planning, Organizing the War on Terrorism, and Cyber-Terrorism.  Due to the increasing domestic and international terrorism threats, the demand for graduates with an Homeland Security, AA (Online) degree continues to increase.  

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Homeland Security > Associates
Degree Subject: Homeland Security Degree
Degree Level: Associate's