Keiser University

Associate's of Arts in Accounting

An associate’s of arts degree in Accounting from Keiser University is a strong foundation for persons interested in gaining accounting experience, or for those that wish to continue on in their education so that they may one day become more advanced, professional accountants, auditors, and/or tax specialists. Within Keiser’s program of study students will not only complete basic accounting and auditing courses, covering both principles and practices, but they will also learn about basic legal and ethical issues in accounting, reporting, and auditing. Instructors are sure to include information on taxation, financial planning, recording business transactions, auditing, and bookkeeping in their students’ course materials, discussions and assignments. In addition, students earning their associate’s degree in Accounting from Keiser University are expected to take more advanced math programs, like statistics, and general business management courses, like principles of management and introduction to marketing, so that they may better round out their business education. 

Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Associates
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Associate's