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MSE in Instructional Technology - Adult Learning/Higher Ed

The Master's of Arts in Teaching and Learning Teaching with Technology degree program is designed to help advance the careers of teachers in a variety of educational fields. Degree candidates learn about educational research studies in historical, analytical, and critical contexts in order to further their educational practices. Graduates are proficient in all areas of knowledge required by their respective state board of education, as well as the national educational board. The teaching with technology specialization is designed to help educators use new technologies to benefit their students. New technologies are constantly being developed, and they often can enhance the learning process significantly. Educators who understand the best methods for utilizing technology are in high demand. Additionally, they can also be extremely effective educators. Graduates will be prepared to hold many different positions in education where technology knowledge is required.

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Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Educational Technology > Masters
Degree Subject: Educational Technology Degree
Degree Level: Master's