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Master's of Science in Accounting - Audit Specialization

The master’s of science degree in Accounting with a specialization in Auditing offered by Kaplan University hopes to offer its students the ability to be an auditing professional in a high-level private corporation or public organization. The degree focuses on how professionals develop, design, and implement certain accounting auditing systems. Things students will learn during the program include how to locate fraud and how to carry out forensic accounting by doing things like interviewing and evidence sweeps. Within the specialty, students will learn how to prevent, detect, and/or investigate certain instances of fraud, allowing them greater flexibility in career choice. Moreover, students will also learn how to create, develop, and mock-implement systems that they would use in real-world situations. Some of the courses in the program include regulation, advanced auditing, business communications, economics, fraud examination, accounting information systems, and internal control assessments. This curriculum is designed to help students better prepare to become Certified Public Accountants. 

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Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Masters
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Master's