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MPH - Health Education

If you take the time and monetary commitment to earn your master's degree in Health Education (M.P.H.) you want to make sure it’s worth it. That’s why at Kaplan University, you can earn your degree in a setting that supports your academic and career goals. While enrolled, you’ll learn from top instructors in the healthcare industry who have the educational AND applied knowledge to aid your learning. The online program teaches students how to analyze and apply scientific research, prepare public health policies, develop health education programs, and review the impact of occupational and environmental factors. Distance learning makes earning your M.P.H. in Health Education flexible and convenient, so you can learn at your own pace. What’s more, many non-traditional health education students may be eligible for financial aid, so affording your degree could be a reality. Take advantage of all the benefits a MPH in Health Education can offer, and become a health and medicine expert today.

Kaplan University is a private, regionally accredited university with campuses and student support centers around the country. Established in 1937, Kaplan enrolls over 60,000 campus-based and online students in its ten different specialty schools, including the School of Health Sciences. 

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