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Bachelor's of Science in Accounting - Tax Accountancy

Kaplan University’s bachelor’s of science in Accounting with a specialization in Tax Accountancy degree can help its students learn the skills necessary to become successful in the complex field of tax law and business. Some of the most crucial things a bachelor’s in Tax Accountancy with Kaplan teaches its students is how changes in tax law can affect changes in business organizations, including business partnerships, transactions, and organization. Courses that you can expect to take as a student in the program will revolve around tax planning, auditing, tax reporting, and tax research. Students will also be responsible for core classes in Accounting, like communication, macroeconomics, microeconomics, business law, accounting principles, and business math. Career paths open to students who earn their bachelors in Tax Accountancy may include positions at accounting firms, in tax departments, or at governmental agencies, among others. Kaplan University offers an online degree, meaning that as student you will be able to work at your own pace. 

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Degree Level: Bachelor's