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Bachelor's of Science in Accounting - Public Accountancy

The bachelor’s of science Accounting degree with a specialization in Public Accountancy offered by Kaplan University provides its students the background, essential knowledge needed to begin a financial career in the public realm. Some of the skills that Kaplan hopes to pass on to its students include the ability to audit and do consulting work, whether it be for the government, not-for-profit organizations, or for wealthy and/or prominent individuals. Courses that students in the Public Accountancy bachelor’s program include cost classification, cost accounting principles, and manufacturing of inventories, along with core classes like federal tax, economics, communication, and business law. Because all of student’s courses and learning will be located online, students will be able to obtain their bachelor’s on their own schedule. Kaplan University offers its students instructors and lecturers who have been successful in the accounting field who hope to pass on both the theoretical and the applied training necessary to succeed.

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Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's