Kaplan University

BS in Paralegal Studies

The Bachelor's of Science in Paralegal Studies Personal Injury degree program is designed to help students meet their career goals in the field of paralegal studies. Students are given a great base in law and paralegal skills, including litigation preparation, document supervision, and legal research. Graduates have many occupational opportunities in legal environments like private law firms, corporate law departments, or local, state, or federal agencies. Students will learn how to research and analyze effectively, while gaining technical competencies in specific areas of law. The personal injury specialization aims to give students the knowledge and skills needed for occupations in the areas of personal injury law. This also includes negligence discovery, preparing briefs, analyzing case law, and presenting damages. Graduates will be well versed in medical report analysis, malpractice litigation, product liability, and insurance claims. Persons with this degree can hold jobs for personal injury and liability law firms, or insurance companies.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Paralegal > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Paralegal Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's