Kaplan University

Bachelor's Degree in Human Services - Gerontology

Kaplan University’s bachelor’s degree in Human Services Gerontology is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as helpers or advocates for aging persons and populations. The focus of the program is to give its students knowledge in sociology, health services, law, and psychology so they may better support senior citizens’ physical, emotional, and social health. Courses offered for the degree in Human Services Gerontology include human behavior, public policy, statistics, crisis prevention, psychology of aging, social issues, and more. The degree program necessitates students to take 180 credits. Most Kaplan students enroll part-time as they may be working or caring for family members while they are taking courses. The completion time for the degree can thus vary, taking as little as three years to complete. The program is available 100 percent online, allowing flexibility with non-traditional students’ schedules. 

Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Gerontology > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Gerontology Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's