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AASIT - Network Administration

The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems Wireless Networking degree program is designed to prepare students for jobs in the computer information systems field through the enhancement of computer skills and knowledge. Graduates are prepared to hold a variety of entry-level positions in the computer information systems industry. Students are taught how to install as well as maintain computer and wireless networks, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, create Java applications, manage databases, and develop web pages. Wireless technology has had a major impact on the entire world. Organizations are now incorporating wireless technology into their business processes. As a result, persons who are skilled in wireless networking are in high demand. The wireless networking specialization aims to prepare students to hold positions in jobs requiring the set up, and maintenance of wireless networks. Inquire now at no cost or commitment!

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Network Management > Associates
Degree Subject: Network Management Degree
Degree Level: Associate's