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MEd in Education Leadership and Administration

Accelerate your professional status to new heights with a master's in educational leadership. When obtained at Jones International University, a master’s degree can grant you the expertise needed to succeed in the field of education and teaching, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can obtain your degree online. A MED in education leadership and administration online grants flexibility in study times, and negates the need for commuting, letting you get to the important part faster – your degree. Become a master in education and teaching with MED in education leadership and administration and rise above the competition to achieve what you always knew you could. Understanding the intricate details of education and teaching will help you succeed and obtain a high-level career. Learn from qualified professors and obtain your master's in educational leadership in less time than you think at Jones International University.

Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Educational Leadership > Masters
Degree Subject: Educational Leadership Degree
Degree Level: Master's