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Master's of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting

Jones International University’s master’s degree in Forensic Accounting is one of the best options for professionals looking to obtain high-level business positions. A forensic accountant is a professional who detects abnormalities in financial reporting and provides information and analysis of abnormalities on stand in a court of law.  Some of the courses students would take for this degree include financial accounting; intermediate accounting; marketing management; auditing; fundamental forensic knowledge; economic theory and applications; and ethical management decisions. These courses hope to impart skills like how analyze financial statements and audits and how to evaluate and detect fraud. At Jones International University, master's in accounting course materials are available completely online, making the degree more attainable for non-traditional students. Some students may qualify for financial aid. 

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Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Masters
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Master's