Hope International University

Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management at Hope International University prepares students with advanced management skills in leadership, ethics, environmental economics, communication, marketing, finance, research and strategic management.

Business and management disciplines are a launching platform for those seeking the skills to make a positive difference in local, regional, national and global cultures and societies. Graduates of Hope International University's Master of Science in Management program have the knowledge and capability necessary for the successful management of organizational departments, divisions, strategic business units, as well as upper-level management positions.

The curriculum features sound research training, a curriculum blend of theory and practice and ethics-based teaching from faculty with top academic credentials and real world experience. Students combine the management core with a concentration to obtain a degree with professional specialty.

Experience flexibility combined with challenging and business-specific courses--learn more about the Master of Science in Management at Hope International University by clicking the "Request Info" tab now.

Degree Category: Business > Management > Masters
Degree Subject: Management Degree
Degree Level: Master's