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Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design with No Declared Concentration (BSGRDNDC)

Create a rewarding sense of power in your life with a arts and humanities career where you feel valued. At Herzing University you can earn your bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in less time than you think, while still obtaining the necessary, in-depth skills required to succeed as a designer. Learn how to manipulate and craft computer graphics and animation, design software, create websites, and create print collateral. These are just a few of the core skills you will learn as a plus a strong liberal arts background that includes marketing and business courses will have the best career prospects.

A Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design (No declared concentration (BSGRDNDC)) will take you places in your professional life that those without a bachelor’s degree may never go. Discover how convenient it can be to earn your degree online, and learn from dedicated professors that want to help you achieve your dreams. Take advantage of all that is offered to you and obtain a college degree that can brighten your tomorrow. Inquire now at no cost to you!

For more information about Herzing University graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit:http://www.herzing.edu/student-data.html

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Degree Subject: Graphic Design Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's