Grand Canyon University

M.S. in Leadership: Disaster Preparedness & Executive Fire Leadership

Grand Canyon Universities Master of Science in Leadership degree, with a concentration on Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management, equips students with the knowledge and skills required to handle safety and health workplace issues; recognize and respond promptly to public safety issues; show leadership skills; and handle natural and other disasters.  Courses cover disaster preparation and occupational safety and health.  In today's world, it is crucial that people in leadership roles are prepared in case of disasters or emergencies.  

Graduates with an MS in leadership, with a concentration on disaster preparedness and crisis management, acquire the critical thinking skills and knowledge necessary to develop and provide emergency disaster and crisis management services in case of local, state, federal, or private needs. 

Degree Category: Science & Technology > Fire Science > Masters
Degree Subject: Fire Science Degree
Degree Level: Master's