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Master's Degree in Accounting

Grand Canyon University’s master’s degree in Accounting hopes to prepare graduates for an advanced position in business and accounting. Students must possess a bachelor’s degree (BA) to enroll in the program. While a BA in business, finance, and/or accounting is not required, it is encouraged for admission. Grand Canyon University prides itself on employing instructors who excel both in academia as well as professionally in real-world accounting and finance. The program hopes to relay both complex accounting methodologies and theories while still supplying hands-on learning experiences that impart practical and applicable business skills. Some of the courses students in the master’s program in Accounting will take include auditing, statistics, cost accounting, business management, and more. The degree is 100 percent available online, making it a good program for non-traditional students who may already be working full-time. Financial aid is available to some qualified applicants. 

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