Grand Canyon University

M.B.A. and MS in Leadership (Dual Degree)

It’s your life, so make the most of it with premier educational opportunities from Grand Canyon University. Earn your dual master's degree in Organizational Ladership (Master of Business Administration and Master of Science) in as much or as little time as you want with convenient online learning opportunities. Take organizational leadership courses from leaders in the business industry who want to see you succeed. Because the business industry is so competitive, it’s important to stay a step ahead of your competition. Rise above and beyond with a MBA and MS in Organizational Leadership (Dual Degree) designed to help you achieve your professional goals. Why not go for the glory and earn a dual master's degree? It will help propel your professional future and set you up for a career you actually enjoy. 

Why choose Grand Canyon University? Since 1949, Grand Canyon University has been helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential by preparing them to pursue the profession of their dreams, advance in their current occupation, or re-career into a different field. Here, they support each students' academic experience with their large network instructors, students, and alumni.

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Degree Category: Business > Organizational Leadership > Masters
Degree Subject: Organizational Leadership Degree
Degree Level: Master's