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M.A. in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Urban Ministry

Create your own level of success with a Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Urban Ministry that tells the world you are a spiritual leader. A master's degree in Urban Ministry takes an intensive look at relition world, and delves deeper into the intricate details that will help you succeed as an urban minister. With online learning opportunities from Grand Canyon University you can earn your master’s degree at a pace that works for you, plus you do not need to commute to a campus each day. Many master’s degree students qualify for financial aid, so take advantage of what you are eligible for and earn your MA sooner tha you think. In doing so, you’ll be on your way to a career you are actually passionate about.

Grand Canyon University has announced that it will reduce tuition costs for online students in the College of Christian Studies by 25% effective July 1, 2012. This will benefit all incoming online students obtaining bachelor’s degrees through GCU’s College of Christian Studies.

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Degree Category: Arts & Humanities > Theology > Masters
Degree Subject: Theology Degree
Degree Level: Master's