Grand Canyon University

Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Instructional Leadership

A doctorate in instructional design from Grand Canyon University sends a clear message of excellence to countries across the country, and all over the globe. With a prestigious doctorate in instructional design from Grand Canyon University you’ll have the ability to choose where and with whom you want to work. Online doctorate programs from Grand Canyon University make earning this high honor easy and convenient. Set your own flexible study hours around your professional schedule, so you don’t have to sacrifice work obligations to complete course work. When you study education and teaching at Grand Canyon University you grant yourself the unique opportunity to learn from qualified professionals with academic and applied knowledge in education and teaching. Gain the skills required to earn one of the highest diplomas available in the education and teaching field. Study for your ED.D. in organizational leadership with an emphasis in instructional leadership and unlock your highest levels of potential.

Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Instructional Design > Doctorate
Degree Subject: Instructional Design Degree
Degree Level: Doctorate