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Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting

At Florida Tech University Online, a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an Accounting specialization allows its students to obtain the necessary business skills required for to find real-world success. Some of the things a bachelor’s degree student in this program will learn include how to use quantitative strategies to solve business problems and analyze further solutions; how to develop management approaches for various accounting areas; as well as, more simply, how to practice accounting efficiently and effectively. Florida Tech hopes to teach both theoretical frameworks as well as the necessary skills for anyone starting out in an accounting job. Two of  these main practicalities include tax preparation and accounting decision making. However, the degree also offers core courses that align with a liberal arts, more well-rounded education. A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting  from Florida Tech University Online will allow graduates to qualify for jobs like financial procedures analyst, financial business analyst, and cost accounting manager. The entire degree program is offered online. 

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