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Business (Bachelor's) Degree

The Business Administration degree program (BA) is geared towards helping students to obtain a well-rounded background in management, marketing, finance, business, and computer applications. Students in this program are shown how to take solutions to problems in classroom settings and apply them to real-life situations. Additionally, students will learn organizational, leadership, and critical thinking skills that are essential to success in the corporate world. Because the business world is always evolving, Everest University strives to make their business administration degree program dynamic and current.

Graduates can expect to find many career options, including opportunities as accounting managers, marketing directors, office department managers, and more. Courses in this program include Corporate Accounting, Concepts of Finances, Basic Accounting Principles, Principles of Management, and Advertising. 

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Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's