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Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology: Healthcare

It's no secret that healthcare is the fastest growing field out there. The rise of the Baby Boomer population and federal policies changing have create a surging need for an educated healthcare workforce. If you are not necessarily into blood, but would love to contribute to the "cause" as a healthcare professional, consider obtaining a bachelor's degree in Health Information Technology from ECPI University. With more than 40 years of higher education under their belt, this University has the support you need to be successful as an online or blended learning-based student.

What can you expect in this degree program? Sttudents at ECPI will learn essentials in project management, creating interesting web pages, maintaining databases, and installing and securing computer networks. Healthcare IT students combine a knowledge of computer networks and logic with an understanding of healthcare terms.

If this sounds like the program and school for you, what's holding you back? Inquire today about a bachelor's degree in information technology (healthcare) now!

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