ECPI University

Bachelor's Degree in Database Programming

Are you heavily analytical, interested in technology, and could see yourself as an IT industry leader? If so, consider pursuing an online Database Programming degree from ECPI University. With more than 40 years in higher education, ECPI delivers quality education in areas that are in high demand. 

What is database programming, you ask? Certain programs tell the computer what to do, and database information is used to identify, access, process, and evaluate these complex systems. Many corporations, government units, and private organizations have databases - and it is up to skilled professionals to learn now to manage them. 

Students are able to complete this program in as little as 2 and a half years with year-round coursework and extreme dedication. Learn more about the bachelor's level Database Programming degree from ECPI today!

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Database Management > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Database Management Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's