DeVry University

Master of Public Administration

DeVry University's online Master of Public Administration degree program focuses on students developing the skills and concepts required to be effective managers in many types of business environments.  Learners must pursue a health care management, nonprofit management or government management emphasis.  Some of the courses of study in the public administration program include project and proposal development, public relations, politics, budgeting, policy implementation and formation, human resources and media relations.

The online master of public administration degree is perfect for working professionals that have job, home or other outside commitments because they can adjust the hours and academic schedules to suite their requirements.  The job outlook for graduates remains positive as the need for qualified candidates in the public administration field continues to grow.  Graduates often find employment in settings including the health care field, nonprofit organizations, government administration, and for the state, city or country.  

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Public Administration > Masters
Degree Subject: Public Administration Degree
Degree Level: Master's