DeVry University

A quality education can be difficult to achieve when you have a busy lifestyle or have already entered the workforce. Fortunately, DeVry University's online campus offers courses for the busiest of students - accessible anywhere. The same faculty and staff that teach on-campus courses will also provide online students with the education needed to succeed. Your syllabus, teacher, scheduling, assignments, virtual bookstore, and lectures are all there for you whenever you need access to them in a user-friendly online portal.

Students are encouraged to start conversations with fellow students and professors via online message boards and through email. The professors at DeVry University Online also post notes for students to read through online, so there is always a guide when you need it, even when the class has ended.

DeVry University is just as technology oriented as its physical locations. There are nine major programs of study including: accounting, technology, business administration, computer information systems, health information technology, game and simulation programming, information technology, network and communications management, network systems administration, and technical management. All of these fields are very relevant to today's workforce needs. With the proper skills and knowledge, DeVry University Online offers the tools needed to make the leap into an impactful role in any company.