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Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems - Database Management

A bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems - Database Management specialization from DeVry University is a leading IT degree available. Learning online is quickly becoming the norm, as students take advantage of the flexible learning environment and the ability to earn a prestigious DeVry University degree from anywhere in the country. Master the skills used in the design, program, administer, and protect database management systems with a Database Management specialization. As a graduate, you'll be relied upon to analyze the data needs of an organization or company, and determine how to organize and store the data in logical and useful ways.

IT is an up-and-coming field currently hiring in all sectors - from healthcare to government - so don’t miss out. Gain necessary knowledge and obtain your degree at a flexible pace with the experienced professors at DeVry University. A bachelor’s degree can take you places you couldn’t go if you didn’t have a degree, so invest in your education and reach for the stars...Inquire now at no cost or commitment!

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Database Management > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Database Management Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's