DeVry University

Associate's in Electronics and Computer Technology

The technology field is a professional arena that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the high-tech industry is the fastest growing field in our economy, and jobs in this area have grown four times faster for the last 18 months. Earning an associate's degree in Electronics and Computer Technology from DeVry University will give you the qualifications and practical knowledge you’ll need to work in this growing field.

DeVry University offers cutting-edge education for electronics and computer technology skills. Whether working as a consultant or a technology firm, graduates of the associate-level Electronics and Computer Technology degree will be able to design and implement hardware-based solutions to technical problems. Graduates can work on network solutions for a large corporation, or work as an IT consultant. Whether you’re returning to school to finish a degree or just starting out, this specialized degree can help you reach your professional goals.

With an associate's degree from DeVry University, you can’t go wrong. Inquire now to learn more about program specifics, course offerings, student support, financial aid, and more! 

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Information Technology > Associates
Degree Subject: Information Technology Degree
Degree Level: Associate's