Concord Law School

The Concord Law School is an online law school that offers education to individuals desiring careers as a trial lawyer, corporate legal counsel, or legal specialties. Within Concord Law School there are three separate degree programs to offer a variety of opportunities for students.

Students at Concord Law School receive an education that matches traditional law school counterparts. Students at Concord are required to complete briefs, case studies, and reading assignments. Students are able to effectively communicate with instructors and peers via online lectures, classroom message boards, and email. This unique format allows students to get even closer to their instructors than some would normally be able to in a traditional classroom setting. As a result, instructors are more available for questions and clarification.

For acceptance, students must meet the minimum grade requirements and have an undergraduate degree. Earning a law degree online allows flexibility to maintain daily lifes, while improving problem solving and writing skills. Concord Law School is a great school for anyone who is interested in law. Inquire now - there's no harm in getting more information!