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Executive Juris Doctor (EJD)

The Executive Juris Doctor degree program offered by Concord Law School is aimed towards individuals who are interested in practicing law while obtaining a wide range of career opportunities. This program is an innovative and exciting alternative to the JD degree, but do not wish to address the regulatory requirements essential to becoming a member of the bar. Students complete this program in around three years (72-unit, part-time program); and with the flexibility of the online coursework at Concord Law School many students find that managing work and school is possible. Students in this program take the same foundational law courses as JD law degree students. After the first year, students are encouraged to construct a curriculum that focuses on their individual interests. Students can specialize in many areas such as Health Law, Law and Technology, and Criminal Justice. Inquire now to learn more about financial aid, program details, and more through the EJD program at Concord Law School.

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Degree Level: Doctorate