Colorado Technical University

Associate's degree in Criminal Justice (ASCJ)

Professionally speaking, an associate's degree in Criminal Justice (ASCJ) from Colorado Tech Uniersity can put you ahead of the curve when applying for a criminal justice career. Obtaining an online degree with Colorado Technical University allows you to learn at your own pace, and either start a career directly after graduation or place your associate level credits towards a bachelor’s degree. This program is designed to train students in areas such as investigation and law enforcement, law and courts, corrections and parole, juvenile delinquency, and the juvenile justice system.

The field of criminal justice / social sciences requires extensive knowledge and relevant skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. With an associate's degree you'll have the foundation to earn a career in police work, social services, and even law. At Colorado Technical University you will gain essential skills that will place you ahead of the competition. Financial aid is available for most online students, so educate yourself on how you can afford to obtain your associate's in criminal justice from Colorado Technical University sooner rather than later. Your future is only a click away.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Criminal Justice > Associates
Degree Subject: Criminal Justice Degree
Degree Level: Associate's