Colorado Technical University

Associate's (ASACC) - Accounting


An associate’s of science accounting degree (ASACC) helps students gain the knowledge, skills, and experience that will help them understand crucial components of handling a company’s finances. Colorado Technical University’s associate’s degree in Accounting focuses first and foremost on giving their students the critical communication tools they will need to become a successful accountant or financial professional. On top of a focus in communication, the program also stresses math skills; courses you would take as a student include things like statistics, financial accounting, income tax, and budgeting.  Colorado Technical University’s online classes for the associate’s degree are available to students 24/7, meaning you can fit classes around your own schedule. At the same time, the program also offers students the ability to interact with their peers through interactive discussion groups and projects. After competing your associate’s degree in Accounting with Colorado Technical University, you would have the option to begin an entry-level finance career, or you could choose to transfer your online course credits towards a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting. 

Degree Category: Business > Accounting > Associates
Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Associate's