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Cleveland Institute of Electronics

The Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) has been an accredited institution of higher learning since 1956. CIE offers a unique, patented method of study that benefits a wide variety of students. Students can earn degrees in a variety of areas including computer information technology and systems management, electronic engineering technology, and more.

CIE offers hands-on practice with students' very own laboratory equipment. Training is personalized by giving students reports after each lesson from their trainers. Students also benefit from a textbook buyback program and a lab equipment store. Training is self-paced and divided into 24-week terms. Tuition is competitively priced, and financial aid is available based on need.

Online learning is great for those with extremely busy schedules who don't have time to attend on-campus classes. Most lessons can be completed within two weeks, so they are not overly demanding on time. CIE tries to take the busy schedules of students into consideration when planning lessons and administering them.

Attend college where your busy life is understood, and your course schedule can be tailored to your needs. If you are interested in accelerating your education, consider CIE today.