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Bachelor's Degree- Public Administration

Your academic future doesn’t have to be on hold just because you are currently working or raising a family. A bachelor's degree in Public Administration prepares you for career opportunities in public services. Learn what it takes to become successful in Public Administration with career-relevant training, and become more globally minded through the foundational courses required in this program. At Chancellor University, your professors are proficient in leading students through distance education and are dedicated to helping every student succeed in criminal justice / social sciences. Obtain your bachelor's degree in Public Administration in as much or as little time as you feel comfortable, and after graduation. Don’t continue asking yourself, “What if...?” Discover the world of criminal justice and how a bachelor's degree in Public Administration can position your career for a better tomorrow.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Public Administration > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Public Administration Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's