Bryant and Stratton College

Associates - Paralegal Studies

An associate's degree in Paralegal Studies from Bryant and Stratton College provides students with a broad foundation in legal studies. This hands-on program offers the knowledge and skills needed to analyze cases, assist with real estate transactions, assist in prosecuting crimes, and prepare legal documents. Students will learn and establish an understanding of the procedures, regulations, and ethics governing conduct of litigation, document preparation, and research. From secondary and primary legal sources, students use computerized and manual legal research methods and techniques to abstract, access, and identify necessary and applicable information.

Graduates with an associate's degree in Paralegal Studies work in a variety of settings including lawyer's offices, legal departments of accounting firms, insurance companies, corporations, banks, and property management firms. Inquire today (at no cost to you) to find out more about this exciting degree program at Bryant and Stratton College.

Degree Category: Social Sciences > Paralegal > Associates
Degree Subject: Paralegal Degree
Degree Level: Associate's