Benedictine University

Master's in Public Health - Disaster Management

Benedictine University’s the master’s of Public Health (MPH) with a focus in Disaster Management degree hopes to teach its students the skills, problem solving tools and strong foundation necessary to deal with the challenge of prevention, planning for, handling and recovering from disasters. The program was designed because disasters resulting in large numbers of injured people require rapid response and treatment by health care professionals. Some of the courses that students can expect to take in the program include health behavior, health systems, biology of public health, epidemiology, and environmental health, among others. One of the many jobs of the public health in disaster management specialists would be organizing and dealing with a large group of medical personnel.  Making up its foundation are the core disciplines of epidemiology, statistics, and management.  Graduates from the degree program may be qualified roles in a variety of settings including teaching, military services, governmental agencies, counseling centers, universities, hospitals, agencies, and healthcare organizations.   

Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Emergency Management > Masters
Degree Subject: Emergency Management Degree
Degree Level: Master's